Slackline as complementary program

Someone tries all of the attractions and moves on. Someone stays at one, someone comes back again and again. Lines can stay tight for several days under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

The price for a whole day programme – 8 hours event, 5 hours of preparation and cleaning, 2 instructors, previous check of the spot = 18.000 Kč.

The price is just approximate, everything can be adaptable to your needs.

And that’s not all. We are definitely open to your brave ideas and special wishes. It can a walker above water, walking on a line being led by a physiotherapist or you can practice yoga on a line.

The more you’ll tell us about your event and the group of people, that you expect, the better we’ll be prepared.  (Will there be children, seniors? Will they come to us tired, or cheered up by a drink? Do they want to have fun, learn something or relax?)

We look forward to our collective air experiences. We wish you good luck with every step you take!

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