In our opinion, a family consists of 2 adults and 3 children. It doesn’t matter, if you’re relatives, important is that you want to do a progress together. Differences in experience are not an obstacle. We’ll create perfect conditions, so that you can reach your best. 

Price: 60 min. lesson for 2 adults and 3 children costs 1.200 Kč.

You can choose the type of course in our ordering form. Slackline, trickline, yogaslacklining…..


  • It’s best to try slacklining while being barefoot or wearing shoes with flat and soft sole (sneakers, converse shoes..) – you can test your shoes by stepping onto an edge of a mat, if you can feel the end of the mat, you will feel where the line ends.
  • Bring something waterproof and something that will warm you up. Light rain is ok while walking a line, but a blanket, a mat or a thermos flask with hot tea can be useful every time.
  • You should be wearing something comfortable and something that can get a bit dirty.
  • Slacklining isn’t dangerous, but while learning, you’ll jump from a height of 20-40 cm. Please consider, if your knees, ankles and spine can handle it.
  • We’ll do everything, so that you’ll leave with a smile on your face and stronger body and mind. But remember, that the participation in a course is at your own risk.

In case of bad weather, the course will be canceled in advance and rescheduled to a different date.

Course info

 60 minutes
 1.200 Kč
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