Liners are bouncing from belly, back and they do somersaults.

Our programme can be adaptable to yours.

For a trickline exhibition it is necessary to have proper anchoring in the spot of the exhibition, 15-25 meters apart.

We’ll discuss everything that’s necessary and check the place before the event.


The price for 2 trickliners is 20.000 Kč.

The price is just approximate, everything can be adaptable to your needs.

If the exhibition is ordered together with a workshop or any other slackline complementary programme, the price is 18.000 Kč.


And that’s not all. We’re definitely open to all your brave ideas and special wishes. It can be a walk above water for example….

The more you’ll tell us about your event, the better we’ll be prepared.

We look forward to our collective air experiences. We wish you luck with every step you take!

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